Xstrahl 300

The variable tube output of 40 kV to 300 kV combined with the correct filter option and applicator combinations is highly suited to palliative treatments. Full dosimetry control, applicator and filter recognition is available with all orthovoltage treatment units. Smooth adjustment for patient set-up is essential, the Xstrahl 300 manoeuvrability allows patients to be treated in the safest and most comfortable position.  The ceiling mounted version can be easily moved when not in use to allow the treatment room to be used for other clinical purposes.

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Case Study 1

An 83 year old patient was referred by plastic surgeons for consideration of radiotherapy for a Squamous Cell Carcinoma located on his nose.


Case Study 2

A 66 year old patient with Pleural Epitheliod Mesothelioma was referred for radiotherapy treatment.


Case Study 3

An 84 year old patient referred by the Dermatologists after a peripheral biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of a Basal Cell Carcinoma on the gentleman's back.

Treatable Conditions
  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Keloid scars
  • Dermatological conditions including psoriasis
  • Mycosis fungoides and deeper benign plaques
  • Benign Disorders
  • Gynecomastia (side effect of hormone treatment for prostrate cancer)


The interface between the physicist and the system hardware. Fisica is a password controlled user level application that enables configuration of the TP2 system

  • Calibrate the systems filters and applicators
  • Conduct and record a warm up exposure and calibration and QA exposures.


The new clinical interface to all Xstrahl devices
Designed to provide a comprehensive yet simple workflow for the creation and treatment of patients.
Concerto has been designed to provide a comprehensive yet simple workflow for the creation and treatment of your patients. X-ray therapy is utilised for a wide range of clinical conditions, each with a unique patient prescription and treatment position, the ability to link images to each treatment field provides a clinical record of the delivered exposure. For patients with multiple fields Concerto provides a simple and easy method to recall and create new treatment fields.
Software Features:

  • Concerto will allow users to integrate with 3rd party platforms, enabling the importation of patient lists and treatment plans.
  • Offers advanced levels of user authority
  • Enables the clinician to have patient pictures alongside patient information.
  • Ability to import treatment images.
  • Capable of running multiple languages, including Cyrillic text.
  • Ability to run treatment exposures and a choice of warm ups.
  • Each patient is stored in the system under a unique ID.
  • Each operator uses their unique user name and password to log on. Offering enhanced level of security and tracebility.
  • The Advantage Database is available on Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Ability to upload onto Client server or Local database.

DUBcutis Skin Scanner

High Frequency & High Resolution Ultrasound of the Skin


The innovative high frequency ultrasound imaging system, providing improved visualization and localization of superficial skin conditions. The DUB® cutis SkinScanner system is a high frequency and high resolution diagnostic ultrasound systems for use in dermatology, cosmetics field and pharmaceutical and clinical research. The 22 MHz diagnostic ultrasound is a wide spread method for non-invasive skin analysis offering healthcare professionals the ability detect, monitor and characterise a patients skin in the most effective manner.


The Xstrahl 200 is supplied with four 20 cm FSD open and six 50 cm FSD closed clinical applicators which are made of copper with clear Perspex® viewing ends. The 20 cm applicators have open Perspex® viewing ends, and the 50 cm applicators have closed clear viewing ends. Additional applicators and FSD’s are available up to a maximum of 26.

A focal spot applicator is available as an additional option.

Technical Specifications

Tube Voltage: 40 - 300 kV
Tube Current: 0 - 30 mA
Maximum HVL: 3 mm Cu
Maximum Power Output: 3 kW
Typical Dose Rate: 100 - 300 cGy/min
Field Size: 3 cm diameter - 20 x 20cm square