What We Do

Xstrahl is a medical technology company that designs radiation delivery devices to support clinical teams and cancer researchers. For more than 25 years, Xstrahl has been shaping the development of superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy and advancing preclinical radiation research. Xstrahl systems are in operation at more than 700 treatment and research facilities worldwide.

Our Mission

Xstrahl knows radiation. Our ability to deliver advanced clinical systems means we have significant expertise in developing high-quality research systems. We use the same rigorous R&D process we use for a clinical setting. We do this all for one goal – to expand the use of radiation therapy to treat chronic disease with improved patient care and outcomes. Inspiring science, advancing care.

Our Approach

Whether we are helping to deliver radiation at a patient’s bedside at home, in a hospital, at a mobile clinic, or in a research lab, we do it with a reputation of excellence in customer support, innovation, and reliability.

Enthusiastically Helpful

We are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to help one another, our customers, and the patients we serve.

Solution Driven

We always consider the ultimate problem. We look to the end of the path, identify solutions, and then present a recommended route.

Start, Go, Finish

We are prepared and ready. We are eager to support clinicians and researchers to help patients in the best way possible. We get it done.


We commit tirelessly toward a goal, chipping away at big projects and never losing sight of the finish line. It is a long road, and we win one patient at a time.


Advancing Care with
X-ray Radiation

Xstrahl uses superficial and orthovoltage systems to deliver advanced low-energy treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) and other benign skin conditions such as keloid scarring, Dupuytren’s disease, and Ledderhose, providing maximum comfort to the patient without surgical intervention.


Office-Based Therapy for Dermatology

Our newest treatment system, RADiant, extends care to office-based clinical settings. RADiant is a dual-modality surface radiation therapy system which provides both superficial radiation treatment and electronic brachytherapy. This provides maximum flexibility for treating NMSC and other skin conditions in a dermatology office.


Inspiring Science & Research

The Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) is the most advanced 3D-image guided micro irradiator that’s commercially available and serves as Xstrahl’s flagship research system. SARRP is a dynamic radiation research tool that minimizes normal tissue toxicity through precise target validation.

We also provide a wide range of X-ray cabinet irradiators that enable safe and accurate irradiation of both in vitro and in vivo biological samples.

Our Promise

Every client is our neighbor. We will do everything we can to assist caregivers, patients, and researchers to the best of our abilities and resources. We will move mountains to help.

Our Team

Xstrahl provides an unsurpassed level of service from initial specification through to installation and ongoing training, education, and maintenance for both our clinical and research systems.

Our team’s in-depth understanding of the clinical environment and research setting ensures an unrivaled level of support to all of our clients, even to researchers who have little to no clinical training. Learn more about our leadership team and see some of our employee spotlights.

Adrian Treverton

Adrian holds a physics degree and MS from Imperial College London and started his career in a technical sales role for a major optical components company. In 2003, he was recruited by a radiotherapy company to manage a non-contact patient monitoring system and he commercialized a 3D ultrasound technology from Cambridge University. He joined Xstrahl in 2006 as sales director, leading the sales and marketing for our orthovoltage x-ray therapy systems. In 2009, he helped commercialize SARRP from Johns Hopkins University and moved to the US in 2011 to continue to expand the research division of Xstrahl. Adrian has served as global CEO since 2018 following a management buyout.

Chief Science Officer
Amanda Tulk
Chief Science Officer

Amanda qualified and practiced as a clinical radiographer at St Thomas’ Hospital, specializing in radiotherapy for NMSC following her MSc. She left the clinical world to join Xstrahl in 2000, initially as a clinical sales specialist. During her career at Xstrahl, she has supervised marketing, product management, business development, and regulatory affairs, leading up to current position as Chief Science Officer. Amanda was instrumental in the commercialization of SARRP and in developing Xstrahl’s European installed base. She is actively engaged in several grant projects and working with our clinical and research partners to develop peer-reviewed publications.

Vineet Gupta

Vineet has more than 25 years of experience in the medical device industry with a career that includes leadership roles in prominent technology companies. At Xstrahl, Vineet is leading the transformation of the product landscape in both the Life Sciences and Medical Divisions. Before joining Xstrahl in 2021, he served as the Director of R&D at Best Nomos (a division of Best Medical International). Vineet has also held leadership roles in GE Healthcare, Tata Elxsi Limited and Rosses Medical Systems. He is a senior member of IEEE and is the author or co-author of several publications in peer reviewed journals. Vineet graduated with a M.S. & Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Akron, Ohio.

Medical Director
Richard Shaffer
Medical Director

Dr. Shaffer joined Xstrahl in 2020 as medical director. He received his BSc in biomedical science from Manchester University and his MBBS from the University College of London Medical School. He formally served as chair of the radiotherapy strategy group in one of the NHS divisions. Dr. Shaffer has deep expertise in radiotherapy development and innovation. He currently serves as the UK lead for skin cancer and benign radiotherapy for GenesisCare UK. Clinically, he has used radiation therapy and chemotherapy to treat a range of cancers.

Paul Viner

Paul joined Xstrahl in 2018 following the management buyout. He is a highly experienced CFO, with a background in a variety of companies in both private equity and public markets, including roles at Tottenham Hotspur Plc, Giraffe Concepts, and The Brighton Pier Group Plc. He has played an instrumental role in shaping the finance team and reporting landscape at Xstrahl, and provides strategic assistance across the organization on matters ranging from operations to human resources. Paul is a Chartered Accountant and holds a bachelors degree in accounting and finance from University of Leeds.


Corporate Information

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Whether we are helping to deliver radiation at a patient’s bedside, in a hospital, at a mobile clinic, or in a research lab, we all work together with our clients to excel in customer support, innovation, and reliability.

Learn About Radiation Therapy

The first reported “cure” of cancer was documented in literature in 1899 when a basal cell epithelioma (now referred to as a basal cell carcinoma or BCC) was treated by the application of radiation via a radium source to the skin.