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Expand Care with Low-Energy Radiation Therapy

Advanced Radiation Therapy

For non-melanoma skin cancer, benign conditions, and palliative care, Xstrahl’s superficial and orthovoltage radiation therapy system can help improve the level of patient care, treatment capacity, and the range of treatment options for your patients quickly. Xstrahl’s specialized clinical solutions for radiation oncology, dermatology and veterinary medicine allow clinical teams to deliver patient-centered care, more efficiently and effectively. Chosen by leading clinicians and specialists around the world, Xstrahl’s solutions are a cost-effective route to expand care.

Community of Experts

Xstrahl provides an unsurpassed level of service from initial specification and suite design through to installation and ongoing training, education, and maintenance. The Xstrahl team’s unique in-depth understanding of the clinical environment and radiation therapy techniques ensures an unrivalled level of clinical training for anyone who uses an Xstrahl system.

Radiation Therapy Portfolio

Radiant Aura

Radiant AuraTM is the smallest, office-based dual modality low energy superficial radiation therapy device for dermatology practices available on the market today. It offers non-surgical treatment options to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and keloid scarring and recently received US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) Clearance.

Xstrahl 100

The Xstrahl 100 superficial radiation provides additional versality for treating basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas and some benign skin conditions. The low energy enables accuracy with no surgical scarring.

Xstrahl 150

The Xstrahl 150 SRT X-ray system offers a non-surgical treatment for superficial skin cancers and benign conditions. Larger lesions can be treated with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. The end result is a large reduction in time and impact on the patient’s day-to-day life.

Xstrahl 200

The Xstrahl 200 system offers a versatile treatment solution for superficial lesions, skin cancers, benign conditions, and palliative care. The Xstrahl 200 X-ray system combines the capability of orthovoltage X-ray systems with the traditional ease-of-use of superficial radiation therapy.

Xstrahl 300

The Xstrahl 300 is a powerful orthovoltage radiation treatment device for soft tissue, bony metastases and skin cancer. It also allows for the treatment of many dermatological and hyperproliferative conditions that can benefit from radiotherapy.


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