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Advance Preclinical Research Using Particle Beamlines




The First Image-Guided Platform for Preclinical Particle Therapy Research

SARRP Beamline offers the first image-guided platform designed for preclinical particle therapy research. The open cabinet design was developed to be installed on rails to align with a modified proton experimental beamline from a clinical system. The system has been developed to enable in vivo investigations of radiobiological effects of proton beams, comparative studies between proton and X-ray beams, and investigations into novel proton treatment methods. The SARRP Beamline X-ray imaging and delivery components can be customized to meet the needs of your research program.

SARRP Beamline Builds on SARRP

SARRP Beamline takes the SARRP platform one step further because it enables researchers to perform experiments using their clinical set-up, directly on their preclinical model. Using SARRP Beamline, investigators can align the proton beam to the SARRP isocenter within 0.24mm. The system can also be configured on rails for easy adaptability to the beamline. Leading cancer researchers at both the University of Washington and the University of Pennsylvania are already using SARRP Beamline to support advanced radiation research using their clinical proton therapy equipment.


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