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Perform Clinically Relevant Radiation Experiments

Xstrahl has applied its extensive knowledge of clinical radiation to develop a broad range of radiation research systems. Designed for life science investigators, radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, and many others, Xstrahl’s research platforms yield clinically-relevant translational data.

Xstrahl has improved the accuracy and reproducibility of in vitro and in vivo experiments. With 2D and 3D radiation research platforms having a fixed X-ray source, dual X-ray sources, or a rotating gantry, you can be sure that Xstrahl can uniquely meet the needs of your studies.

Advanced Treatment Planning Software

Xstrahl offers advanced treatment planning system options for its image-guided irradiators. Even researchers with little to no knowledge of radiation treatment planning have the ability to perform complex studies with easy-to-use software.

Advanced Image-Guided Irradiation Systems


FLASH radiotherapy is a novel technique whereby tumors are treated with ultra-high dose rates of radiation. Remarkably, this has been shown to reduce damage to normal tissue while still effectively treating diseased areas when compared to conventional therapy. Xstrahl’s photon FLASH irradiator gives investigators the tools to expand preclinical radiation studies using a patented FLASH technique.


XenX improves the dose accuracy and distribution of traditional cabinet irradiators for in vitro experiments and irradiating specimens. With the ability to deliver a beam or radiation from any angle, XenX allows you to conduct experiments that were not possible with a fixed beam cabinet irradiator.


To learn more about Xstrahl’s family of cabinet irradiators or the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform, contact your local application specialist.

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