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Orthovoltage Radiation for Palliative Care

X-rays were first documented to relieve pain from bone metastases in 1907 and their palliative use continues due to speed of pain relief. With most cancers that are capable of metastasizing to bony tissue such as the ribs or soft tissue lesions—including the most common prostate, lung and breast cancers—the need for palliative treatments will increase as primary disease local control rates increase and reoccurrence becomes more common. To learn how the Xstrahl orthovoltage systems can help your clinic deliver X-rays for pain relief in palliative care to your patients, contact Xstrahl.


Palliative radiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancer

Study of a palliative regimen that offers impressive response rates and effective symptom palliation for patients with non-melanoma skin cancer.

Palliative radiotherapy for skin malignancies

A review of studies using palliative radiotherapy in skin cancer based upon direct mention of cosmetic outcomes, skin-related side effects from RT that may be used as a surrogate for cosmetic outcome, or more hypofractionated schema.


Learn more about expanding your care with low-energy radiation therapy in our clinical brochure.

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