Expand preclinical radiation studies using a patented FLASH technique




Clinical Potential of FLASH

FLASH radiotherapy (FLASH-RT) is a novel, emerging technique whereby tumors are treated with ultra-high dose rates of radiation magnitudes higher than conventional irradiation. Remarkably, this has been shown to reduce damage to normal tissue while still effectively treating diseased areas when compared to conventional therapy. Xstrahl’s photon FLASH irradiator gives investigators the tools to expand preclinical radiation studies using a patented FLASH technique, further supporting translational research into effective cancer treatments.

Adaptable for Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy

Due to the ultra-high dose rate and narrow penumbra, the SARRP FLASH system is well suited for spatially fractionated research and can be adapted for mini and micro-beam collimation. The SARRP FLASH irradiator marks a milestone with the availability of systems specifically designed for preclinical research that can be used in a standard laboratory environment.


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Community of Experts

“The SARRP FLASH is a leading system that provides us with unparalleled research capabilities to explore radiobiological responses at ultra-high dose rates. We are hugely excited about the potential of the system and how it can be used to advance our understanding of this potentially transformative approach.”

Dr. Karl Butterworth

Advanced Radiotherapy Group, Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen’s University Belfast

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