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Versatile Treatment Solution for Superficial Lesions, Skin Cancers, Benign Conditions, and Palliative Care




Offer Palliative Care while Effectively Delivering Superficial Radiotherapy

The Xstrahl 200 treatment system delivers both superficial and shallow radiotherapy giving your clinic the flexibility to deliver palliative care by treating soft tissue and bony metastases while still treating a wide range of superficial skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, benign dermatological conditions, and hyperproliferative conditions.

Versatile Dual Modality Radiotherapy System

The Xstrahl 200 X-ray system delivers both superficial treatments and treatments at depth by combining the capability of orthovoltage X-ray systems with the traditional ease-of-use of superficial radiation therapy. Xstrahl 200 offers unmatched versatility to bring additional treatment options into your clinic or physician’s office, and it is an excellent complement to your linac-based radiotherapy program.

Intuitive and Comprehensive Workflow

The Xstrahl 200 together with the Concerto treatment consoles provides for a turnkey workflow to develop and deliver superficial treatments. All aspects of the treatment are planned and recorded including each treatment field with the dose delivered.

Integrated Physics Console Simplifies Daily Workflows

The Xstrahl 200 configuration and calibration of each applicator is driven from a separate console, Fisica, ensuring that critical machine data is secure. Physician and therapist access is limited to planning and delivering patient treatments, reducing the complexity of daily workflows.

Includes Connectivity to Leading 3rd-Party Software Systems

Modern radiation therapy equipment must be able to give users the ability to communicate with information systems and other software in the department to ensure full traceability throughout a patient’s treatment. Using XBridge, Xstrahl provides integration to both Varian Aria® and Elekta MOSAIQ® to enable the import of patient demographics and export of treatment reports.

Calculate and Run Protocols using XBeam

If you need to calculate and run protocols and export therapy plans for exposures, we have made this easy to do with all of Xstrahl’s clinical systems. Once you specify the depth dose data and dose rate information, an optional software tool (XBeam) calculates the base for exposure. The resulting protocol shows all relevant information for planning, significantly simplifying the standard workflow.


To learn more about the Xstrahl 200 and how you can bring superficial and orthovoltage radiotherapy to your clinic, contact your local Xstrahl team.

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