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Ideal for small animal FLASH experiments, the CIX FLASH cabinet system is plug-and-play. This system has a much smaller footprint and better beam profile compared to electron systems.

CIXD Dual Headed Irradiator Designed to Replace Cesium Sources

In this self-contained cabinet, radiation is delivered using two X-ray tubes with the focal spot of one meter apart resulting in a homogenous distribution of the dose desired.

CIX3 320kV Self-Contained Cabinet Irradiator

Like the CIX2, CIX3 incorporates the irradiation chamber and system electronics in one enclosure with an intuitive software interface. CIX3 is ideal for researchers who perform a higher percentage of animal studies.

CIX2 225kV Self-Contained Cabinet Irradiator

Designed to facilitate the safe and accurate irradiation of biological samples within a standard laboratory environment, this free-standing cabinet fulfills the requirements of in virtro and in vivo biological research.

CIX1: Compact Benchtop Cabinet Irradiator

CIX1 is our newest cabinet irradiator. It can deliver up to 160kV, has an internal cooling mechanism, and has no special power requirements. Optimize your research workflow with this self-contained, high powered irradiator that can be placed anywhere in the lab.


To learn more about Xstrahl’s family of Cabinet Irradiators and how we can tailor a solution to meet your research or production requirements, contact your local Xstrahl representative.


Xstrahl’s cabinet irradiators are self-contained, incorporating the irradiation chamber and system electronics in one enclosure.

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