Dosimetric Validation of SmART-RAD for X-ray Cabinet Radiobiology Irradiators

May 29, 2024

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This paper describes the use and dosimetric validation of a newly developed Monte Carlo (MC) tool, SmART-RAD, to simulate the X-ray field in a range of standard commercial X-ray cabinet irradiators used for preclinical irradiations. Comparisons are made between simulated and experimentally determined dose distributions for a range of configurations to assess the potential use of this tool in determining dose distributions through samples, based on more readily available air-kerma calibration point measurements.

Published on behalf of Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine by IOP Publishing Ltd


Dosimetric Validation of SmART-RAD for X-ray Cabinet Radiobiology Irradiators


Mark A Hill, Nick Staut, James M Thompson and Frank Verhaegen

Key Findings

  • Simulations gave very good dosimetric agreement with measured depth dose distributions in phantoms containing both water and bone equivalent materials, and good agreement with measured 3D dose distributions
  • Good spatial and dosimetric agreement between simulated and measured dose distributions was obtained when using beam-shaping shielding.
  • The MC simulations provided by SmART-RAD provide a useful tool to go from a limited number of dosimetry measurements to detailed 3D dose distributions through a non-homogeneous irradiated sample.
  • The use of such a tool can improve reproducibility and dosimetry reporting in preclinical radiobiological research.
  • This enables an improvement in the accuracy of delivery and reporting of relevant doses, and potentially can be used to retrospectively analyse experimental studies for comparisons between experiments and laboratories.
  • SmART-RAD may also be an aid to support the current switch from Cs irradiators to kV X-ray irradiators.

The Value of Xstrahl Cabinet Irradiators

X-ray irradiations were performed using Xstrahl cabinet irradiators – performed at three different conditions along with calculated half value layers.

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