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Orthovoltage Radiation for Benign Disease

Orthovoltage radiation therapy is an effective treatment for painful degenerative and inflammatory diseases with few side effects. Positive results of radiation therapy treatment, most of all its symptom relief, are due to many factors including better tissue perfusion, destruction of inflammation in tissue, stimulation of the immune defense cells, neutralization of the acidic tissue and, subsequently, better inflammatory response and influence over the pain fibers of the autonomous vegetative system. Conditions including Dupuytren’s, Peyronie’s Disease, inflammatory disorders, degenerative disorders, and hypertrophic disorders can be treated with radiation therapy.


Superficial Radiation to Reduce Keloid Scars

The use of radiation therapy to treat Keloids and keloid scars, non-malignant scar tissue caused by skin trauma, has been shown to significantly reduce the re-occurrence. Keloids form at the site of skin trauma. While many people simply live with keloids, radiation therapy is a highly effective treatment after keloid removal surgery is performed.


Learn more about expanding your care with low-energy radiation therapy in our clinical brochure.

Radiation Therapy for
Benign Hyperproliferative Diseases

Learn more about the use of X-ray therapy for Dupuytren’s contracture of the hand, Ledderhose disease (plantar fibromatosis) and Keloid scars.

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