CIX3 Effective and Accurate Dose Delivery for Preclinical Research




Easy-to-use, accurate irradiation

The Xstrahl CIX3 320kV self-contained cabinet irradiator fulfills the requirements of in vitro and in vivo biological research incorporating the irradiation chamber and system electronics in one enclosure. The intuitive and easy-to-use software interface allows for programmable and automatic execution of dose delivery. The Xstrahl CIX3 provides a simpler, safer, and lower cost alternative to radioisotope irradiators.

Improve workflow, accuracy and reproducibility with easy-to-use software

Users have the option to upgrade to SMart-RAD dose calculation software for non-image guided irradiators. The user-friendly interface does not require previous dosimetry expertise and supports customizations of doses and geometries.


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CIX Series

Xstrahl’s CIX Series cabinet irradiators are free-standing, self-contained X-ray irradiators, designed to facilitate the safe and accurate irradiation of biological samples within a standard laboratory environment.