Xstrahl is a leading designer and manufacturer of X-Ray solutions used by medical radiotherapy centres for treating superficial skin conditions and cancers, and life science researchers for radiation biology research.

Xstrahl's superficial radiation therapy solutions are the choice of leading radiotherapy clinics around the world.

Clinical X-Ray Solutions

Xstrahl's comprehensive range of superficial and orthovoltage X-Ray therapy systems (Xstrahl 100, 150, 200 and 300) are low-dose X–Ray medical solutions providing a nonsurgical alternative for patients with superficial skin disorders.

Radiation Research Systems

Xstrahl's pioneering X-Ray research solutions include custom cabinet irradiators that are used for delivering precise radiation doses to in vivo and in vitro biological specimens, the industry–leading SARRP radiation research platform which enables Image Guided Micro Irradiation (IGMI™) techniques with high resolution imaging, and X–Ray calibration systems used for calibrating laboratory X-Ray research systems.

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Xstrahl Medical

Xstrahl's range of radiotherapy systems offer the potential of excellent nonsurgical cosmetic outcomes for skin conditions in sensitive areas like the head and neck. Xstrahl's X-Ray therapy systems are also used in palliation of disorders that are not suitable for surgical treatment.

Xstrahl Life Science

Xstrahl's irradiation solutions are
the culmination of many years of extensive experience in providing radiation solutions to leading preclinical researchers around the world. These solutions include the SARRP micro-irradiation platform, irradiator cabinets for in vitro and in vivo preclinical research and
X-Ray calibration systems.