XBEAM, RADiant and SARRP get displayed at ESTRO 2017

May 11, 2017

ESTRO 36 in Vienna, Austria saw Xstrahl Medical and Life Sciences come together to display some of the advances in radiotherapy solutions over the last year between the 5th and 9th of May 2017.

Xstrahl Medical displayed their range of clinical radiotherapy systems, chosen by leading clinicians and specialists around the world, designed for the treatment of skin cancer, dermatological disorders, certain types of benign disease and palliative care options. On the stand was a chance to get hands on with some of Xstrahl’s leading treatment software. With XBridge Xstrahl users have the ability to communicate with 3rd party clinical information systems such as ARIA, MOSAIQ, Medavis, Medistar, WinRadiologie, and many others that have relevant interchange standards enabled. XBridge with Concerto enables data import of patient demographics and export of treatment information, ensuring traceability throughout a patient’s treatment.

Xstrahl Life Sciences also provided a chance to highlight recent developments for the SARRP system, the most advanced system available for pre-clinical radiobiology research, and to learn about how cancer research is being enhanced by the SARRP Image Guided Micro-Irradiators adaptive structure.

ESTRO 36 drew attention to the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary components of our practice, with emphasis on the new opportunities that they represent for all professionals of oncology, not only in research but also in the daily care of patients. With over 8,000 attendees from around Europe and the globe, looking to experience the latest innovations in Radiotherapy and Oncology. Xstrahl are honoured to be part of the 36th Annual Meeting and to meet with collaborators, scientists and clinicians to share our collective vision of providing innovative radiotherapy solutions that deliver positive patient outcomes.

“This year’s ESTRO conference was one of the busiest yet, and we are always proud to see clinicians come up to us to tell us of their treatment plans, and researchers to discuss their latest research and how Xstrahl is shaping radiobiology and radiation oncology.” Manuel Landeira-Marino, Commercial Manager at Xstrahl Ltd.

Continuing to lead the way in radiation therapy and research, you can visit Xstrahl’s website to learn more about the future in connectivity for Xstrahl systems or Xstrahl Life Sciences latest developments or visit our events page to see when you can see Xstrahl in person.

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