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New Webinar Series


Reduce Pain, Preserve Function, and Maintain Quality of Life: New Perspectives for Radiation Therapy of Benign Disorders – Thursday, August 27, 5 PM CEST

Join Xstrahl and Prof. Dr. Med. M. Heinrich Seegenschmiedt from the RON Radio-Oncological Network Radiotherapy Practice Osnabrück, Osnabrück (Germany), who will describe the use of x-ray-based radiation therapy to treat degenerative disorders including arthrosis/osteoarthritis, tendinosis/tendinitis and bursitis on various hot spots of the human body.


Radiation Therapy for Dermatology: A Physician’s Perspective – Tuesday, July 28, 7 PM EDT

Join Xstrahl and Dr. Steven Davis, medical director of The Dermatology & Laser Center of San Antonio, as he describes radiation therapy modalities, patient selection criteria, and outcomes. Dr. Davis has performed more than 25,000 skin cancer operations and chose Xstrahl’s RADiant system to expand his practice.


Introduction to eBt and SRT for Dermatology Practices – Thursday, July 9, 8 PM EDT

Join us as we walk through surface x-ray therapy as a safe, efficient treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer. You will learn about the two types of surface x-ray therapy, Electronic Brachytherapy (eBt) and Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT), including benefits and dosage.


New Developments for Radiotherapy in Skin Cancer Treatment – Monday, June 15, 1 PM AEST

Professor Gerald Fogarty, Director of Radiation Oncology at Mater Sydney GenesisCare, will describe new developments in radiotherapy, especially how to avoid late effects such as skin atrophy, fibrosis and telangiectasia. Dr. Fogarty will also share case details and outcomes.


New Applications of Radiotherapy for Benign Conditions – Thursday, June 11, 4 PM BST

Dr. Richard Shaffer, clinical oncologist for GenesisCare, will share his experience using superficial radiotherapy for patients with Dupuytrens disease and Ledderhose disease.


The SARRP irradiation platform is the first choice of researchers worldwide for translational radiation research.

*Diverse groups, including academic institutions, research hospitals, and CROs, conduct successful image-guided studies using SARRP

Superposition and Monte Carlo algorithms support comparative research.



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Revolutionary Radiotherapy Treatment

The state of the art RADiant system offers combined electronic brachytherapy and superficial radiotherapy treatments using leading low energy photon technology.

Designed with the clinician and patient in mind, the RADiant system provides safe, repeatable treatment for every patient due to its unique halo ring feature. With minimal shielding requirements and dual reimbursement, the RADiant system fits perfectly into any clinic.

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