Xstrahl participates in ASTRO 59th annual meeting

October 30, 2018

Xstrahl attended the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) conference in San Diego, this September, the world’s largest meeting for the radiation oncology community. Over a fantastic four days Xstrahl Life Sciences and Medical showcased a range of new and updated products and systems.

The Medical side of the business presented the new RADiant System, whilst the Life Sciences side demonstrated the newly updated MuriGlo advanced in vivo optical imaging system.

Xstrahl continues to lead the way in radiation therapy for non-melanoma skin cancers and dermatological conditions with the new RADiant system. More information will be supplied in the following weeks on this revolutionary new high dose low energy xray radiotherapy system, but conference attendees were able to trial the system first hand. Xstrahl has worked with clinicians to develop a system that will allow an even greater number of patients to choose this surgery free, non-invasive treatment option. With a focus on cure, RADiant is the evolution in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers.

Additionally, on the Medical stand was a chance to experience some of Xstrahl’s leading treatment software. Xstrahl’s leading workflow creation software Concerto has been updated to aid in solving the problem of simple creation of treatment reports, for a wide range of clinical conditions, each with its own unique patient prescription and treatment options. Concerto now also works hand in hand with XBridge, Xstrahl’s third party communication software. Users have the ability to communicate with clinical information systems such as ARIA, MOSAIQ, Medavis, Medistar, WinRadiologie, and many others that have relevant interchange standards enabled. XBridge with the new Concerto enables data import of patient demographics and export of treatment information, ensuring traceability throughout a patient’s treatment.

Improving outcomes however, starts in the lab. On display was the SARRP Image Guided Micro-Irradiator, the most advanced system available for pre-clinical radio biology research. ASTRO gave the industry a chance to experience a number of new and updated accessories, including MuriGlo. MuriGlo has been designed to provide more advanced treatment techniques for animals. The system uses the photon emission data acquired from three rotating mirrors and a state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction engine that uses the anatomic and optical priors derived by diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and cone-beam CT (CBCT) data to yield a 3D centre of mass (COM) of the target. The COM is then automatically fused with the SARRP CBCT allowing for more accurate treatment planning and targeting for lesions that are hard to identify by CBCT alone. Through recognition of highly sensitive data points throughout the specimen, MuriGlo provides accurate and reproducible optical quantitation.

“Once again ASTRO proved to be a global showcase for Xstrahl innovations. Our new medical systems with advanced software control, lead the way in NMSC treatment, with rising numbers of patients, oncologists are keen to adopt Xstrahl’s technology. Scientific research was at the heart of the conference this year and Xstrahl’s SARRP platform delivered the preclinical radiation in many pioneering studies. It was wonderful to see so many of our customers at the booth learning about our new optical guidance systems and discussing how we can help their work to eradicate cancer.” Adrian Treverton, Chief Operating Office of the Xstrahl Group.

Xstrahl would like to thank all the guests who found time to attend our booth to explore innovative applications of radiation therapy.

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