Xstrahl Introduces One-Stop Shop Treatment System for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

April 24, 2019

April 24th, 2019

New 150kV superficial treatment system spotlighted on Xstrahl booth (No. 3420) at ESTRO show in Milan, Italy, April 26th-29th 

Xstrahl Medical, global leader in superficial radiotherapy devices to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and dermatological conditions, is launching its latest superficial radiotherapy treatment system.  The new Xstrahl 150 system will be the company’s most comprehensive superficial system, offering clinicians the ability to treat the full range of non-melanoma skin cancer cases with optimum dose control.

The new Xstrahl 150 offers several features that enhance the capabilities of Xstrahl’s current 150kV superficial system, including built-in dosimetry control, filter and applicator recognition and suitability for use with oval applicators. The energy range of the new Xstrahl 150 means that superficial lesions can be successfully treated – from basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma to keloid scars and dermatological conditions such as psoriasis.

“We’ve re-engineered the capabilities of our 150kV offering for skin cancer treatments,” says Adrian Treverton, Xstrahl Group CEO.  “The result is a one-stop shop for all non-melanoma skin cancer cases, with optimum levels of dose control.”

The new Xstrahl 150 system also offers enhanced manoeuvrability. The range and flexibility of movement in the treatment arm enables smooth adjustment and easy set up for each treatment field, whilst also ensuring that patient comfort is never compromised.  The new Xstrahl 150 can be floor or ceiling mounted, making it easy to install alongside other equipment and adaptable where space is restricted.

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