Superficial Radiotherapy as a treatment for Dupuytren’s disease and skin cancer

June 6, 2017

Dupuytren’s contracture is incredibly common, with rates in England of 20% of the population over the age of 65 having the disease. Causing a debilitating curling of fingers and toes, the most common treatment is surgery, causing long term and painful recovery.

However with new developments in radiotherapy and backing from positive research, and the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence approving and publishing guidelines in late 2010, the new painless treatment has seen a rise in use, with a 95% success rate1.


However patients effected with Dupuytren’s can have an underlying Ledderhose disease. This non-malignant nodule growth causes painful thickening of deep connective tissue.

Xstrahl 200 offers a versatile radiotherapy system that can treat these diseases using advanced superficial and orthovoltage treatment techniques. For more information on either Dupuytren or Ledderhose disease visit the International Dupuytren Society. Or to investigate how the Xstrahl 200 can help your treatment plans, contact us.


1 – Seegenschmiedt MH, Keilholz L, Wielputz M, et al. ‘Long-term outcome of radiotherapy for early stage Dupuytren’s disease: A phase III clinical study‘. In: Eaton C, Seegenschmiedt MH, Bayat A, et al. (eds). ‘Dupuytren’s disease and related hyperproliferative disorders‘. Springer 2012. 349-371.

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