2024 ASMS Annual Meeting

June 20-23, 2024
Orlando, FL, USA


Xstrahl is pleased to showcase Radiant™ Aura at this year’s ASMS meeting at conference at The Loews Sapphire Falls in Orlando. Stop by our booth to learn more about Radiant Aura, our dual modality system that provides non-surgical treatment options. With advanced features for expanded clinical use, simplified patient positioning, and additional patient comfort, Radiant Aura brings radiation therapy to NMSC patients in any dermatology office.



Learn more about treating non-melanoma skin cancer without surgery

If you can’t stop by our booth in person but want to learn more about Radiant Aura, we will have a rep reach out to you.

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Effectively Treat Skin Conditions without Surgery

Radiant™ Aura was designed to bring non-surgical treatment options to office-based dermatology practices to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and keloid scarring. The small, easy-to-position radiation therapy system delivers non-invasive treatments and is perfectly suited for sensitive, hard-to-reach areas on the head and neck.

Bring Radiation Therapy into Any Dermatology Office

Radiant Aura was designed to be moved around the clinic and doesn’t require expensive room installations or modifications. The unit’s small footprint accommodates a busy treatment room. Its low energy and short exposure times require less shielding compared to higher energy systems, which means start-up and maintenance costs are within reach to easily expand your dermatology practice.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Skin Cancer

Traditionally, skin cancer is treated with Mohs surgery. Radiant Aura allows non-surgical, superficial radiation therapy to be delivered in the dermatologist’s office for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma when surgery is not an option.

RADiant™, Radiant, and RADIANT are used interchangeably to represent the same product.