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In addition to removing the regulatory burden associated with the use of radioactive sources, the Xstrahl CIXD provides a simpler and more efficient alternative.  It is comprised of two X-Ray tubes upper and lower with focal spots one meter (39 inches) apart. An adjustable three shelf specimen tray rack is provided at beam centerline. Lasers can be added to indicate the center of the irradiation area.  

Access to the chamber is via a dual sliding door with CDRH compliant safety interlocks. An X-Ray on light is provided.  Optionally, a lead glass viewing window can be added.

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Research Applications
  • Oncology
  • Radiobiology tumor micro-environment
  • DNA repair
  • Bystander effects
  • Radiosensitivity of normal tissue
  • Preclinical studies
  • Radiosensitizsers
  • In Vivo irradiation
Device Specification

Technical Specifications:
External: W-148 cm, D-104 cm, H-205 cm
Total Weight Shielded: Cabinet: 2200 kg
Mobile Built on wheels for simple transport
Treatment distances: 33.5, 50, or 16.5cm FSD
Stage Shelf with fixed points at treatment distances
Maximum Field Size: 53.3 cm circle at 50 cm FSD
Control Interface Operates X-rays
Tube Voltage: 20-220 kV
Tube Current: 0-25 mA
Maximum Power Output: 3 kW

Optional Features:

  • Atmosphere Control (CO2, O2)
  • Rotating table
  • CCTV
  • Laser Pointers