Xstrahl Supporting Norfolk & Norwich Skin Cancer Radiotherapy Study Day

July 23, 2019

Nearly 50 trainee oncology doctors attended a skin cancer radiotherapy study day at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital (UK) on Saturday, supported by sponsorship from Xstrahl.

The annual event, which has been running for nearly ten years, is a key part of the trainee doctors’ training, with a syllabus that encompasses all types of skin cancer treatment, from surgical approaches to different forms of radiotherapy.

“Practical study days such as this are important because skin radiotherapy is very much a practical subject,” says consultant clinical oncologist Jenny Nobes, who organizes the event. “We are grateful for Xstrahl’s ongoing support for this event.”

Norfolk & Norwich has the third busiest skin cancer department in the UK. The oncology department offers multiple approaches for skin cancer treatment, from Moh’s surgery, to linac-based electron treatments, to superficial radiotherapy. The department uses an Xstrahl 150 ceiling system to treat on average ten patients a week.

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