Xstrahl Spotlights Full Range of X-Ray Therapy and Radiation Research Systems at ASTRO 2019

September 13, 2019

September 13th, 2019

New X-ray radiotherapy image guidance system and SARRP beamline research platform among advanced new solutions showcased on Xstrahl booth (No. 4028) at American Society for Radiation Oncology annual meeting in Chicago, September 15th-18th.

Xstrahl, global leader in superficial radiotherapy devices to treat non-melanoma skin cancer and dermatological conditions, is spotlighting its full range of superficial/orthovoltage treatments systems and radiation research platforms at ASTRO 2019.

Xstrahl is introducing image guidance capabilities for its range of superficial and orthovoltage treatment devices. The new system, a sleek and streamlined way of giving clinicians a better view of the targeted area during treatment, will be formally unveiled at the event. “Our customers have been requesting image-guidance and we are pleased to be able to offer a smart and simple solution to meet their needs,” says Adrian Treverton, Xstrahl’s CEO. “Image-guidance enhances the precision of radiotherapy treatments by giving clinicians a real-time view of how the treatment is aligned to the targeted area, therefore enhancing the precision of the procedure.”

Among other Xstrahl treatment systems on display at ASTRO is RADiant, a compact and mobile dual energy treatment system that can deliver both superficial radiotherapy and electronic brachytherapy treatments. Xtrahl’s family of treatment planning and information management software products will also be featured, including DICOM and HL7-based connectivity options to third party oncology information databases such as ARIA and Mosaiq.

Xstrahl Life Science is introducing the SARRP beamline system, a fully comprehensive radiation research platform to be used with proton, photon, carbon and flash experiments, offering researchers an unparalleled level of imaging. The new SARRP beamline pairs seamlessly with beamline experiments allowing an innovative yet reproducible imaging system, enabling researchers to achieve better images than is allowed by any rival system.

“We’ve re-engineered the capabilities of our existing radiation research platform offering for highly demanding experimental beamline research,” adds Treverton. “The result is a platform capable of performing in an increasingly popular area of research.”

Xstrahl’s Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP), is the most advanced commercially available 3D image guided micro irradiator. Through state-of-the-art image acquisition, reconstruction, and treatment planning, SARRP serves as a dynamic research tool for preclinical radiobiology research. The results of research carried out on SARRP systems features in some of the key papers being presented at this year’s ASTRO show.

“We look forward to seeing many of our colleagues, customers and channel partners at this year’s premier radiotherapy meeting,” adds Treverton. “It’s an exciting time at Xstrahl and we have some significant new product advances to talk about, so visit the Xstrahl booth to learn more about the world’s most advanced superficial and radiation research systems.”

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