Xstrahl offers Superficial Radiotherapy to South America

November 9, 2017

November 9th, 2017 – Following the supply of an Xstrahl 200 to the Island of Cuba, Xstrahl Medical has reached out to the rest of South America and Spanish speaking countries to solve the ever-present problem of skin cancer.

Whilst pale skin is at a higher risk of skin cancer, the incidence rate of melanomas in the past two decades amongst Hispanic skin types has risen to epidemic proportions. Strong sun, coupled with poor safe sun knowledge has left many looking for a treatment that will not only successfully treat their skin cancer, but leave them scar free.

Martin Robinson, Xstrahl’s President, commented, “It was a great opportunity to extend radiation oncology to the people of Cuba where Linear Accelerators are under ever increasing demand for cancer treatment, and we’ve built on that success by offering our systems to other South American countries”.

Xstrahl launched this new initiative at the ALATRO congress in the Dominican Republic this November. The company showcased the new RADiant system, a low cost but highly versatile skin cancer therapy system. ALATRO, the largest oncology radiotherapy conference in the South American continent, is devoted to developing the knowledge and application of radiotherapy in countries that increasingly need a solution. Having previously exhibited in Argentina, Columbia and Panama, Xstrahl is confident that its continuing relationship with ALATRO will help its radiotherapy systems to be installed in hospitals across South America.

Commercial Director of Xstrahl, Manuel Landeria-Marino, commented, “The opportunity to offer Xstrahl’s advanced radiotherapy systems to a continent in need of a fast and effective treatment option is a fantastic one. The impact and feedback from our first Cuban system has been so positive, I look forward to helping many other countries build their radiotherapy treatment options”.

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