Xstrahl Launches the New SARRP Beamline for Proton, Photon, Carbon and Flash Preclinical Experiments

August 26, 2019

August 26th, 2019

The new SARRP beamline pre-clinical radiation research and CT imaging platform launched at the Xstrahl booth at ICRR in Manchester, UK, August 25th-29th

Xstrahl Life Science, global leader in the development of advanced X–ray systems for pre-clinical radiation biology research, is launching its latest radiation research platform. The new SARRP beamline system is a fully comprehensive radiation research platform to be used with proton, photon, carbon and flash experiments, offering researchers an unparalleled level of imaging.

Extendable with the Xstrahl MuriGlo, the industry’s first 3D bioluminescent optical imaging modality, the new SARRP beamline pairs seamlessly with beamline experiments allowing an innovative, yet reproducible imaging system. The new system enables researchers using beamline experiments to achieve better images than is allowed by any rival system.

“We’ve re-engineered the capabilities of our existing radiation research platform offering for highly demanding experimental beamline research,” says Adrian Treverton, Xstrahl Group CEO. “The result is a platform capable of performing in increasingly popular area of research.”

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