Xstrahl is going to the 5th annual Preclinical Imaging Consortium

April 26, 2019

Xstrahl is attending the 5th annual Preclinical Imaging Consortium taking place on 28 – 30 April 2019 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

The event’s agenda this year features presentations of scholars from the US leading universities on the following topics: veterinary best practices, MRI techniques, specific modalities, PET imaging, machine learning and reconstruction, imaging probes and others.

The conference attendees will also have a chance to see facility posters intended to describe the equipment available and the type of research conducted in a preclinical imaging center and scientific posters highlighting a specific preclinical imaging project.

Xstrahl will be represented by Charles Manhardt, PhD, presenting the poster “Defining how radiation delivery alters the tumor microenvironment: studies using a murine model”.

Historically, methods of investigating radiation effects on cancer and non-cancerous animal models have been limited to single-plane cabinet-style irradiators. However, the recent emergence of commercially available image guided micro irradiators (IGMIs) have enabled pre-clinical cancer researchers to mimic clinical radiation treatment regimens, affording a more representative research model that is better suited for clinical translation.  The sophistication of such technological advancements shouldn’t be taken as a roadblock, but rather welcomed as a means of furthering the scientific endeavor.

The purpose of this poster is to review commonly used radiation devices used in preclinical practice, examine the effects of changes in radiation delivery on the tumor microenvironment, physical dosimetry and QA protocols for small field radiation, and the overall importance of performing translational studies in preclinical radiobiology.

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