Xstrahl Introduces Monte Carlo Dose Engine for Fast and Precise Calculations

August 26, 2019

August 26th, 2019

Xstrahl Life Science, global leader in advanced radiation research systems, is introducing a Monte Carlo dose engine to enable comparative research work to be carried out on its Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) system. The new capability will be available in the latest release of Xstrahl’s market leading Muriplan planning system, Muriplan 3.0.

“By adding Monte Carlo to our existing superposition-convolution (SC) algorithm within Muriplan, we are offering the only planning system with both SC and Monte Carlo,” says Xstrahl’s CEO Adrian Treverton. “Superposition-convolution is fast and very useful for high throughput calculations, while Monte Carlo is seen as the gold standard and enables even greater precision. This means you have the best of both worlds.”

Both dose engines have been developed to support Xstrahl’s full range of pre-clinical products and accessories, including the Motorized Variable Collimator. “By offering both dose engines, we are unlocking the potential for researchers to do comparative research work,” adds Treverton. “We are also offering the only preclinical planning system that allows the user to select which algorithm they use.”
Muriplan 3.0, designed to enable researchers to both plan and execute experiments, is a fully integrated software that can guide scientists through a step by step process to carry out the treatment plan in an easy and seamless fashion. Image acquisition and treatment beam execution all take place within Muriplan. It has been designed to mimic clinical practice by allowing the investigator to view the 3D reconstructed cone beam-CT image, register/fuse other images like MR and PET/CT, and contour the target as well as surrounding tissue.

Along with the new Monte Carlo algorithm, the new Muriplan 3.0 offers a full suite of contouring tools and enhanced statistical analysis tools.

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