Xstrahl Inc. to deliver its 50th SARRP to the University of California San Francisco

March 9, 2016

Xstrahl’s mission is to enable the most advanced radiation research, by producing clinically relevant research platforms. The Xstrahl SARRP research platform is an advanced irradiation device that allows researchers to refine cancer care. University of California San Francisco (UCSF) will take delivery of SARRP 50 in April and will join an ever growing SARRP community.

SARRP is a customizable and powerful research platform designed to provide the preclinical research community with the ability to engage in the most clinically relevant, reproducible, and technically advanced studies. SARRP has been developed to match the standard of care for radiation treatments in a preclinical setting.

Since working with Johns Hopkins University in 2009 to commercializing the SARRP platform, Xstrahl have introduced numerous accessories to further enhance the platform. These include; optical tomography, dynamic beam delivery, 4D Gating and monitoring. The Xstrahl SARRP has been a cornerstone of Immuno-Oncology research as well as advancing knowledge of normal tissue injury and bystander effects, there has been over 80 publications featuring these ground breaking results.

Adrian Treverton COO of Xstrahl Inc. remembers the early thoughts on SARRP and how Xstrahl was confident about the system from the outset; “Back in 2009 we knew the SARRP was going to change how research was being carried out. We worked hard with our early users to refine the platform. A key element was building something that all researchers could use, this meant not just simplifying the user interface but providing training, biology and physics support, as well as our popular user meetings.
The early work done on the SARRP at Johns Hopkins, inspired the research community. The SARRP soon became a must have in radiation biology labs. Now we ship on average one to two image guided systems per month.”

The SARRP at UCSF will be the first of its kind in California, the heart of Biotech innovation. Shonna Glenn, SARRP Applications Manager discusses the influence SARRP is having on Pharma and CRO’s; “The system is now allowing Pharma to explore radiation in combination with their agents. We have seen a lot of work in these combination therapies at academic sites, we now have multiple pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s using the Xstrahl SARRP”

The Xstrahl SARRP features innovative technology that makes it unique in the market place. The ‘pancake’ imaging geometry allows for both imaging of the subject and non-coplanar radiation delivery. “Innovation often requires breaking away from standard practice. Changing conventional CT imaging was a risk, but it has really paid off with the flexibility of the system. SARRP continues to advance because we listen to our users and how they want to facilitate their experiments.“ explains Thilakshan Kanesalingam, SARRP Development Manager.

Adrian Treverton highlights the impact that working on the Xstrahl SARRP has had: “We have all lost someone to cancer, it really is the modern epidemic. I am honoured to be able to play my part in the battle against this disease, by producing a system that will have a positive impact on cancer treatment in the future.”

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