Xstrahl Enters 20th Year of Customer Technical Training

February 20, 2019

February 20th, 2019 – Xstrahl Medical, global leader in superficial radiotherapy devices and advanced radiation research systems, is celebrating 20 years of delivering technical training courses on its X-ray treatment systems.  The courses are conducted several times a year at the company’s UK manufacturing hub in Birmingham.

When the course was initially conceived 20 years ago, it offered technical training to hospital staff in the UK, enabling them to carry out routine maintenance on Xstrahl’s orthovoltage and superficial radiation therapy machines. Over time, Xstrahl has expanded the syllabus and opened it to engineers from all over the world.

“Over the last 20 years, our trainers have taught hundreds of engineers how to maintain Xstrahl’s medical systems,” says operations director Steve Jackson. “This has since been extended to include our growing software product family, including oncology information software and treatment planning software, as well as connectivity to third party software systems.”

Tracey Dimon, technical support director, who has been delivering Xstrahl’s technical training courses for the past 14 years, added, “It is extremely rewarding to train customers from all over the world on how to install, use and maintain our systems and software.”

Trainees from the UK, Netherlands and Australia were among the attendees at this week’s 20th anniversary training course.  Pictured are the attendees alongside lead trainer Tracey Dimon and Xstrahl operations director Steve Jackson (centre).

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