Xstrahl and ORL give sizable donation to the Action Radiotherapy Charity

June 7, 2017

June 7th, 2017 – Recent surveys show that over half of the British population are unaware that radiotherapy options exist for cancers, benign conditions or palliative care1. This means that thousands of patients could be missing out on the best possible treatment.

Action Radiotherapy is campaigning to improve patient access to advanced radiotherapy across the nation. They believe that every NHS patient should have access to the best radiotherapy options. Both Xstrahl Medical and Oncotherapy Resources (ORL) believe heavily in this cause, and together have given a sizable donation to the charity to help support them continue their fantastic work.

Peter Zarko-Flynn, of Acton Radiotherapy, said, “We’re glad to have shared the wonderful news that Xstrahl Medical and ORL are happy to make a generous donation to support Action Radiotherapy’s work. We are a small charity and, due to our minimal running costs, this donation will make a significant and direct difference to the work we are doing to raise awareness of radiotherapy, as well as to ensure that investment in modern radiotherapy equipment and techniques remains a priority for the government and NHS.”

As well as ensuring access to radiotherapy for every Briton, Action Radiotherapy also support radiotherapy professionals to help provide services, invest in new treatments and

Manuel Landeira-Marino, of Xstrahl Ltd, said, “Charities like Action Radiotherapy do amazing work in supporting radiotherapy patient options. We agree with the House of Lords that the radiation research base in the UK, facilitated by Xstrahl Life Science products, is one of the best in the world, and that research should be felt by patients. However with no government funding they are entirely dependent on support from leaders in our industry, and we’re proud to be among them.”

To see the fantastic work Action Radiotherapy are doing, visit their website, or choose to donate and support their work. Xstrahl Medical and ORL are devoted to helping radiotherapy charities continue their work, whilst providing best in class superficial and orthovoltage therapies.

1 http://www.itv.com/news/2015-08-28/thousands-of-cancer-patients-missing-out-on-the-best-treatments-study-finds/ Accessed 01/06/17

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