Xstrahl 150 Used as System of Choice for Australian Case Study Reviews

October 17, 2019

With the rates of skin cancers ever increasing, especially in places with high sun prevalence, treatment of these conditions can cause not only a demand on resources, but there is a lack of unified response and the best way to treat.

This is why Prof. Gerald Fogarty of GenesisCare in Australia has used the Xstrahl 150 system to treat four cases of skin cancer. The process and results of the treatments have been summarised as case studies, which demonstrate how superficial radiotherapy can be the best choice for these conditions.

The three case studies present a series of cases including an advanced and inoperable case of Bowen’s Disease on a TV presenter, long term control of a melanoma effecting the lower eyelid, and two cases of cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas that responded in a differing way to the expected norm.

Case Study: Treatment of Advanced and Inoperable Bowen’s Disease
Case Study: Tissue Conservation and Long-Term Control of Melanoma
Case Study: Research into Clinical Response Following Superficial Radiation Therapy of SCCs

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