Xstrahl in Action: Xstrahl 200 Used for Tissue Conservation and Long-Term Control of Melanoma

September 10, 2019

In their paper “Xstrahl therapy results in tissue conservation and long-term control of melanoma in situ of the lower eyelid” Gerald B Fogarty, Amy Ziebell, Stephanie Nicholls, Susith Kulasekara, Doug Duthie and Krishna Tumuluri present the case of a middle-aged woman with melanoma in situ (MIS) involving the cutaneous and conjunctival surface of the lower eyelid.

The patient was treated with superficial radiotherapy using an Xstrahl 200 system and experienced a complete response without residual side-effects. At 24 months of follow-up, the response was maintained with no evidence of disease or late effects.

The case demonstrates how melanoma in situ, involving the cutaneous and conjunctival surface of the lower eyelid, can be successfully treated with superficial radiotherapy. At 12 months, the patient continued to have a complete biopsy-proven response, and after 24 months this response was maintained with no side-effects. The radiotherapy solution was preferable over electrons and brachytherapy in terms of ease of set up, reproducibility of treatment position, ease of verification, time on machine, patient comfort and the level of staff expertise required.

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