Xstrahl in action: Ex vivo irradiation of patient tumor provides potential for personalised medicine

August 23, 2017

In a new paper, summarized in a short talk by the University of Hull, at the Association for Radiation Research, Xstrahl’s medical systems have been used to test the effects of clinical treatments on a new PEEK device to allow ex vivo treatment regimens of samples, whilst still monitoring tissue response.

With head and neck cancers being predominantly treated with chemo-radiation, survival rates have still only achieved 40-60% at 5 years. With the move towards personalised medicine for cancer treatments, the University of Hull team led by Ruth Bower developed a PEEK –  a plastic device featuring sintered discs which sandwich a tissue slice and separates medium flow enabling perfusion of the whole tissue. This culture system allows application of treatment regimens ex vivo, whilst monitoring tissue response.

Precision-cut tumour slices were perfused for 68 hours in the device and then irradiated with  the Xstrahl 200 . The tumour-on-chip device maintained head and neck tumour slices with no significant loss in viability compared to tissue analysed upon resection. Morphology was also well maintained.

The development of the new device facilitates the testing of multiple therapeutic regimens, providing future capacity to select treatment on a case by case basis.

Read the full article on ResearchGate.

To find out more about the science being conducted with Xstrahl systems  visit Xstrahl’s website or Xstrahl Life Sciences for the latest developments.

This Xstrahl In Action was adapted from a article found on a National Library of Medicine website.

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