Delivering Orthovoltage 300 kV Radiation Therapy for Veterinary Medicine

December 1, 2022

According to the Veterinary Cancer Society, one in four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer, and it’s the leading cause of death in elderly pets. Although oncology is a growing specialty in veterinary care, it can be expensive and time consuming for veterinary practices to implement radiation treatment equipment to support cancer therapy and pain management.

In this webcast, Dr. Olivier Keravel from Eiffelvet in France, describes his veterinary oncology referral practice and how he treats patients using orthovoltage radiotherapy. He explains his rationale for selecting an orthovoltage radiation delivery device for his practice. He also presents several recent case studies and describes treatment for many conditions including superficial treatments on cutaneous and subcutaneous canine and feline soft tissue tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, esophageal leiomyoma, thymoma, nasal round cell tumor, nasal osteosarcoma and more. Dr. Keravel speaks about curative and palliative treatment around surgery, and when to have intraoperative radiation therapy, as well as treatment options for different stages of disease. The webinar is followed by Q&A at the end of his presentation.

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