User Spotlight: Just Skin Treatment Clinic uses the Xstrahl 100 for the treatment of skin cancer in Australia

October 25, 2017

The Xstrahl 100 is perfectly suited for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, and with Australia recording skin cancer rates of 2 in every 3 adults, the need for an effective and versatile treatment method is essential. With the aim to offer non-melanoma skin cancer sufferers a different and effective treatment option, Just Skin Treatment Clinic partnered with the Xstrahl 100 to deliver beneficial patient outcomes.

Just Skin & Dr Colin Dicks

Combatting the steep rise in skin cancer incidence, Dr Colin Dicks and the Just Skin Treatment Clinic opened in March 2017 on Australia’s stunning Sunshine Coast, with a mission to offer exceptional non-surgical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer. To do this successfully, they invested in an Xstrahl 100 X-ray radiotherapy system. Unlike more invasive treatment options, the Xstrahl 100’s unique design allows for a highly effective treatment, with little to no adverse cosmetic changes.

Running the dedicated superficial therapy clinic for the last year, not only has Dr Dicks seen a lot of patients looking for an alternative to surgery, he has also seen the success for patients treated with this effective treatment.

Superficial Skin Cancers

There are many ways to treat superficial skin cancers. Surgery is generally the the standard of care but thiscan cause unsightly scaring, and is sometimes not the most appropriate way to treat skin cancer.

Superficial therapy is X-ray therapy that only treats the surface of the skin. It is known as superficial therapy because it only penetrates the top layers of the skin and spares the deeper underlying tissue from the effects of radiation. This has the advantage of being targeted therapy with high cure rates and minimal scarring. It is best used for squamous cell cancer, basal cell cancer, other non- melanoma skin malignancies as well as non-cancerous scarring of the skin known as keloids.

We realised that there was a need for superficial radiation treatment. Superficial therapy precisely only treats the skin and offers an effective non- surgical alternative. At Just Skin, we have combined superficial therapy with our quest to provide an exceptional customer experience. We cannot be happier with the result.

Dr Colin Dicks


During a patient’s first consultation, the Radiation Oncologist reviews the patient’s medical history, examines the patient’s skin and determines the best treatment option. If superficial therapy is an option, the Radiation Oncologist completes a treatment prescription. The next step is to plan the treatment.

The Radiation Oncologist and Radiation Therapist examine the area of skin that needs to be treated. This is usually drawn on the skin and then using accurate skin landmarks, the region is recorded and photographed. Once the treatment calculations have been finalised and the skin areas have been marked and documented, a schedule of treatment sessions is delivered in line with the treatment plan.

Each individual treatment session takes less than a minute and is a painless and perfectly safe procedure. The therapist ensures the patient is in a comfortable position, introduces any protective shielding required and accurately positions the Xstrahl machine to treat the skin.

The extensive range of Xstrahl 100 treatment arm movement enables smooth adjustment and easy set up for each treatment area. Its flexibility makes it particularly suited for treating lesions that are difficult to access, such as the head and neck, without compromising patient comfort.

It is possible to treat skin cancers with a single treatment session, however a better cosmetic result is achieved if more treatment fractions are given, as it reduces the likelihood of scarring. A standard course of treatment is given over 2-4 weeks to minimise the chance of adverse skin effects.


We believe, every cancer is important and that every cancer should be the treated in the best way possible. One of the best ways to treat skin cancer is with superficial radiotherapy. At Just Skin we have a simple philosophy: The best care, in the best environment, using the best equipment.

Dr Colin Dicks

Xstrahl 100

The Xstrahl 100 is a modern low energy X-ray treatment system. It delivers a gentle beam of X-rays to the skin. This damages the DNA of cancer cells and they cannot survive. The dead cancer cells are eliminated and the skin recovers with good function and a great cosmetic outcome.


With extremely high rates of skin cancers being diagnosed in Australia, surgery is not always a the most affective and suitable treatment option. The advantages of the Xstrahl 100’s superficial radiotherapy treatments are clear, and with increasing superficial therapy clinics opening, shows that it’s fast becoming a highly sort after treatment option.

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