Predictors of recurrence after radiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancer

April 1, 2014

Predictive factors of recurrence were examined in 448 non-melanoma skin cancers (72% basal cell carcinoma, 28% squamous cell carcinoma) treated with radiotherapy. The overall recurrence rate was 15.8% at a median follow-up of 18.4 months. In multivariate analysis, significant factors for recurrence were age (p = 0.0197), tumour size 2 cm or greater (p = 0.0095), immunosuppression (p = 0.0082), and treatment modality (p = 0.0009).

L. Khan, D. Breen, L. Zhang, J. Balogh, G. Czarnota, J. Lee, M.N. Tsao & E.A. Barnes.

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