The important role of radiotherapy in patients with non-melanoma skin cancer and other cutaneous entities

June 28, 2008

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the commonest malignancy worldwide and a significant public health issue. Although most non-melanoma skin cancers are small and easily excised or ablated, a recommendation of definitive radiotherapy is often made in patients where the outcome (cosmetic and/or functional) will probably be better with radiotherapy compared to surgery. The aim of adjuvant radiotherapy is to reduce the risk of loco-regional recurrence and the role of palliative radiotherapy is important in improving the quality of life in patients with advanced and/or incurable disease. The aim of this review article is to broadly discuss the various clinical settings in which a recommendation of radiotherapy may be made and also includes a discussion on less frequently encountered cutaneous entities (e.g. in situ squamous cell carcinoma, keratocanthoma, lentigo maligna, cutaneous lymphomas and malignant fibrous tumours).

Veness MJ.

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