The next evolution in radiotherapy systems is here; RADiant by Xstrahl

January 31, 2018

January 31st, 2018 – Xstrahl, the leader in X-Ray Technology for treatment of Superficial Skin conditions is pleased to offer the new RADiant therapy system to Physician’s in America. Representing the next generation of compact radiotherapy systems, RADiant’s dual modality provides patients with a pain free, non-surgical alternative for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, keloids, and superficial lesions, especially those found in hard to reach, or sensitive facial regions.

Xstrahl’s commitment to patient centric healthcare has culminated in this first of its kind system that offers a treatment with excellent cosmesis and very low recurrence. This allows patients to continue their active lifestyle even while undergoing treatment.

Using a dose profile perfected for the treatment of superficial skin lesions and post operative keloids, the high dose rate, low energy of the Radiant system, enables treatment times to be kept to a minimum.

Adrian Treverton, newly appointed Xstrahl Group CEO, said “Non-melanoma skin cancer is a very treatable condition and there is no need for all patients to undergo a surgical procedure when established alternatives exist. Our purpose is to help eradicate cancer, so we invested time consulting with physicians , patients and current users, to incorporate their needs into RADiant’s design. Their need is for a dual modality treatment system that allows them the flexibility to personalize their patients care pathway. RADiant is a new, small, mobile solution that can be easily integrated into their practice, backed up by an innovative software solution that enhances their procedures and workflow.

RADiant is the first of an evolutionary new generation of Xstrahl systems featuring the most modern X-ray technology and software.”

RADiant can be easily used in any facility, due to its lightweight and manoeuvrable design coupled with plug in operation. The new advanced Concerto control software links into EMR systems, ultimately making this evolutionary pain free treatment more accessible for patients.

See the RADiant system for yourself at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in San Diego, from February 16th.

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