Tanycytes of the Hypothalamic Median Eminence Form a Diet-Responsive Neurogenic Niche

November 1, 2012

Adult hypothalamic neurogenesis has been recently reported, but the cell of origin and function of these newborn neurons are unknown. We utilize genetic fate mapping to show that median eminence tanycytes generate newborn neurons; blocking this neurogenesis alters weight and metabolic activity in adult mice. These findings describe a previously unreported neurogenic niche within the mammalian hypothalamus with important implications for metabolism.

Daniel A. Lee, Joseph L. Bedont, Thomas Pak, Hong Wang, Juan Song, Ana Miranda-Angulo, Vani Takiar, Vanessa Charubhumi, Francesca Balordi, Hirohide Takebayashi, Susan Aja, Eric Ford, Gordon Fishell & Seth Blackshaw.

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