Sydney Vital is the first research centre in Australia to acquire an Xstrahl SARRP

August 9, 2018

Sydney Vital, a translational cancer research centre funded by the Cancer Institute New South Wales (CINSW) and the University of Sydney, is the first centre in Australia to acquire an Xstrahl Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP).

Sydney Vital’s aim is to take research from the laboratory bench and put it into practice, and by doing so, providing patients with access to the latest medical discoveries. This year they launched their three year research plan, which is built on an ever evolving strategic plan to focus on both broad overarching research themes and multiple tumour streams. Key to this is an acquisition of a state of the art animal irradiator to investigate existing and novel cancer therapies.

“Almost 50% of cancer patients receive radiation therapy at some time during their treatment. Prior to acquisition of the SARRP this left an obvious and significant void in our pre-clinical arsenal to investigate existing and novel cancer therapies. The technological similarity of the SARRP with the medical systems in our clinic and availability of ongoing technical support from Xstrahl were decisive factors. The SARRP forms an integral part of our translational research pipeline and will greatly expand the capacity, potential and quality of our cancer and radiation research.” Dr Kelly McKelvey, Irradiator Manager & Dr Viive Howell, Co-Leader of Flagship 1 Inflammation and Cancer for Sydney Vital.

Xstrahl Life Science is devoted to ensuring the best possible pre-clincial radiation research through continually developing its line of products including the SARRP used by Sydney Vital. You can learn more about the science being conducted with the help of Xstrahl systems on their website.

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