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Why Superficial and Orthovoltage Radiotherapy?


Deliver Radiation Therapy with Value & Ease

Multi-Modality Approach

SRT/Orthovoltage treatment expands service offering and increases capacity.

Cost Effective

Relatively low capital and service expenses compared to linear accelerators.

Easy Treatments

Compact and ergonomic systems
simplify treatment workflow.

Easy Implementation

Whether your site already has a linac or wants to start offering radiotherapy services, a portable system is an efficient, cost-effective way to expand treatment options. Its low energy and short exposure times require less shielding compared to higher energy systems, which means start-up and maintenance costs are within reach to easily treat more patients.

Treatment Versatility

Our systems can treat a range of conditions, including non-melanoma skin cancer and benign conditions such as Dupuytren’s disease and keloid scars. Superficial and orthovoltage radiotherapy can also be used for palliative care. With some types of cancers that are capable of metastasizing to bony tissue, such as in the ribs or soft tissue, the need for palliative radiation therapy treatments will increase as the incidence rates for cancer continue to rise.

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