Staff Spotlight: Tracey Dimon, Technical Support

September 8, 2020

Everything we do here at Xstrahl is possible because of our excellent team. Our medical systems help to treat non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), keloids, inflammatory disorders, and so much more. From research and development through to technical support, multiple people within Xstrahl help providers deliver high quality patient care. One of Xstrahl’s most veteran team members, Tracey Dimon, is at the center of our technical support efforts. She’s been here more than 15 years and truly embodies our values, especially in being enthusiastically helpful and solution driven. Tracey is motivated to do her best for all the patients we serve.

What do you do at Xstrahl? 

I’m the Technical Support Director in the UK, based at our Brownhills facility. Typically I give customers technical or medical physics support, answer queries, run our problem support and post market surveillance systems, and support the QA / RA process. Although my work is mostly office-based, I also walk the production floor helping with test issues, set-ups, or anything else that’s needed to support the team – except for working from home when there is a global pandemic!

What motivated you to start working with Xstrahl?

When I started at Xstrahl as an Test Engineer, I was initially fascinated with learning about  radiation, particularly how low dose x-ray therapy could help patients. I was fascinated by the ways it could be used for treating various medical conditions because most people hear the word “radiation” and think about all the dangers. As soon as I understood more about our medical systems and how they worked, my motivation each day came from knowing we were making a difference, especially for patients with NMSC.

What’s the best thing about your job? 

The best thing about what I do is getting to see a set of crates leave our factory, and knowing that another radiation therapy device is going to treat NMSC patients. I have now worked here for 15 years and it is still motivating to know we manufacture devices to treat cancer patients.

What’s the weirdest job you ever had before working here?

The strangest job for me before this was working in a library. It was too quiet for me. They didn’t like it when I had the giggles, and I have a recognizable laugh. Even now, my coworkers can tell if I’m around or on a conference call because of it. They’ll say, “I know Tracey is in. I can hear her laugh!”

What’s the best thing about working for Xstrahl?

Apart from helping to fight cancer, the best thing about working for Xstrahl is the team spirit and all of us with differing expertise coming together to make these devices.

What can you be found doing outside of work?

I love going to my ladies-only gym. I’m a jogger – although I’m a bit of a slow one, I typically run 4K at least 3 times a week. Also I’m a yarn crafter (I can knit and crochet). It’s satisfying to make usable things, and it also keeps my family sane as I often need to fidget when I’m sitting around. I am also a Marvel movie fan. I admit to a crush on Chris Hemsworth’s Thor!

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