Staff Spotlight: Mike Richards, Site Director

January 14, 2021

All that we are able to accomplish here at Xstrahl is because of our diversely skilled team that takes pride in each area of their work. Every piece of equipment developed by our knowledgeable team is carefully crafted, assembled and shipped out by a skilled warehouse team. Mike Richards is a crucial piece of this puzzle as Site Director of our Brownhills Manufacturing Facility in the UK. His extraordinary guidance has not gone unnoticed around the Xstrahl team. He recently received the Xstrahl 2020 Person of the Year Award, a rightly earned honor for his incredible leadership.

How did you end up at Xstrahl?

I worked as a senior manager in the automotive supply chain industry for 27 years. I accepted a starkly different role at Xstrahl, but I had a great feeling about the company and the products it manufactured. I had no expectations of how I would progress within the organization. I have been very fortunate in my nine years at Xstrahl and have risen through the ranks to the position of Site Director, a role that I’ve embraced and am thoroughly enjoying.

What motivates you to work here?

All of the work here at Xstrahl that goes toward helping eradicate cancer gives me a great sense of purpose. With every system shipped from the factory, I am reminded of the good we are doing. I am incredibly grateful for the team we have here at our Brownhills site. Each and every member is exceptional and personifies our core values.

What continues to excite you most about our mission?

We aren’t complacent about our work. It’s not just about selling and manufacturing the systems that we have already developed; we are always striving to bring new things to the research and medical market that go toward the ultimate, shared goal of helping to eradicate cancer. That’s what drives our work each day.

What can you be found doing outside of work?

To relax, I really enjoy gardening and enjoy spending time with my dogs. I’m also partial to a quiet evening with my wife, listening to classical music with a good glass of wine.


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