Staff Spotlight: Tim Devling and Levi Vaughan

June 13, 2022


We are delighted to introduce the newest members of our radiation research division: Tim Devling and Levi Vaughan, who we welcome to the company working out of our UK office. Xstrahl has been committed to advancing research excellence for more than a decade, and Tim and Levi will both be helping with our market development activities as we continue to expand and grow. We invite you to learn a little more about their background, responsibilities, and what attracted them to Xstrahl.


What did you do prior to joining Xstrahl?

Tim: Before pursuing my science education and career, I had many odd jobs over the years – everything from farming, outdoor work, and even extracting parasites from cows. After university and working in various labs, I did my PhD at the University of Dundee in Scotland, which you may have heard of for its famous jam. My research focus was on cancer biology, particularly cancer treatment and cancer imaging. Prior to joining Xstrahl, I worked for a start-up company that was pioneering new cancer imaging technologies.
Levi: Before I started working for Xstrahl I was doing personal training and helping others learn to box! In terms of studies, I was completing my biology degree at the university of Bristol. I became really interested with cancer biology and gene therapy. My dissertation was based on the computational genetic engineering of a protein, which can deliver DNA to embryonic retinal cells. During the project I read about ocular cancer, and it really sparked my interest in cancer research going forwards!

Why did you want to work at Xstrahl?

Tim: Xstrahl has a strong reputation, especially with SARRP (the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform). A lot of my friends and colleagues were using Xstrahl systems in their work, so I was already familiar with the company. Once I had the opportunity to meet some of the team, I was really impressed by the combination of enthusiasm and knowledge. Plus, the whole ethos and mission of Xstrahl is great. It was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of it. I have been collaborating closely with our applications and engineering teams since I arrived, and I appreciate how the people here really go the extra mile to support our customers. It’s amazing to see.
Levi: To be a part of a team helping to fight against cancer really attracted me. I was impressed to see a company whose technology is being used at top-tier institutions in the UK – like Cambridge, Oxford, and UCL. My goal was to find a career path where I could combine business with science, and Xstrahl seemed like the perfect place to do that. I’m looking forward to doing work that keeps me engaged with science and the research community. Now that I’m part of the team, it has really been inspiring to see the knowledge of our staff and the science behind Xstrahl’s technology.


What is your role at Xstrahl?

Tim: I’m the Life Sciences director, so I’m overseeing the division that provides researchers with our SARRP and cabinet systems. On a regular basis, I’m working with our UK and US life science teams, our global distributors, and other departments within Xstrahl to continually think about how we can best support radiation researchers.
Levi: My focus is primarily on our CIX cabinet irradiators right now. I help identify organizations that would most benefit from one of our X-ray cabinets, then build and maintain relationships with them.


What can you be found doing outside of work?

Tim: I’m either very high or very low. By that, I mean I’m often either up in the mountains or down by the lake. I live near the Lake District, and I love being outdoors. I also often have my hands full with my two beautiful children, who, as I’m sharing this, are running around outside right now causing trouble.
Levi: I love training myself as well as others, so I’m always in the sauna stretching following a workout. I’m a bit addicted to it. Other than training and stretching, I enjoy exploring new places; the next destination is Edinburgh! I’ve been all over the UK and the tour will continue. So, there’s three main places to find me: the gym, sauna, or middle of nowhere!


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