SARRP Immobilization Devices

March 24, 2020

Xstrahl’s new mouse immobilization suite gives you the flexibility you need for your experiments. With over 85% of image guided irradiation publications utilizing SARRP, Xstrahl has always brought research success and flexibility. Mirroring clinical treatments is part of the SARRP DNA and just like in the clinic, set-up is a key part of dose optimization.

The immobilization systems offer butt bars, tail management, built-in anesthesia and temperature control. The latest product allows 5 animals to be imaged and treated at the same time, maximizing throughput. Animals can be accommodated in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

Clinical set up is not about imaging, it’s about putting the patient in the correct, repeatable position every time, making experiments faster, accurate and reproducible.

Only SARRP offers such flexibility for your experiments and all of these devices have been designed and tested in conjunction with our customers.

Check out the complete list of beds here, and learn more about our research equipment on our Life Sciences page.

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