Reaching Out to Improve Access to Radiation Therapy

October 4, 2023

Xstrahl attends regional conferences to meet with clinicians and discuss radiation therapy

Beam Therapists Conference in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Radiation therapy is a critical treatment option for managing cancer, where X-ray therapy is often the treatment option for skin cancer. Xstrahl and our team of distributors are reaching out at conferences to facilitate the discussion around new treatment capabilities with easier access for the patient and simple maneuverability – to help reach more cancer patients for treatment including palliative care.

One example of this outreach is the recent Beam Therapists Conference in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Sergii Samochernykh, Regional Director of Canberra Packard, discussed the low distribution of linacs per capita in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. He presented new treatment options that can be considered even in small or remote areas. The conference highlighted our commitment to high quality radiation therapy delivery and building the clinical community for improved patient care, even in the midst of a regional crisis.

Access to radiation therapy, combined with the flexibility of systems for hospitals and clinics, is needed to treat a greater number of patients. As new technology becomes available, clinics are able to take on the challenge of increased treatments with better efficiencies. Equipment that is ceiling- or wall-mounted are more well known, but newer systems are now available that offer a more mobile solution.

Low energy X-ray systems using orthovoltage treatment is both effective and economical. As noted in a report by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Guidance on Cancer Services – Improving Outcomes for People with Skin Tumours including Melanoma, “Orthovoltage treatment may be easier to use for small tumours and for frail patients. It is therefore important that radiotherapy departments continue to provide access to such machines.”*

The Xstrahl 200 system and Radiant™ Aura were discussed at the Beam Therapists Conference and other recent conferences. The Xstrahl 200 is a versatile orthovoltage radiotherapy solution for treating superficial lesions, skin cancers, and benign conditions and also for delivering palliative care. It helps improve the level of patient care, treatment capacity, and the range of treatment options for patients quickly, simply, and affordably. It provides excellent maneuverability to help support the delivery of low-energy radiation treatments all over the body, which is especially important for patients with mobility issues.

Radiant Aura was designed to be moved around the treatment room and doesn’t require expensive room installations or modifications. The unit’s small footprint accommodates a busy treatment room. Its low energy and short exposure times require less shielding compared to higher energy systems, which means start-up and maintenance costs are within reach to easily expand your practice. Radiant Aura is the only dual modality system that offers both non-invasive electronic brachytherapy (eBt) and superficial radiation therapy (SRT) for NMSC and keloid scarring. The device received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in July 2023.

*National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, Guidance on Cancer Services – Improving Outcomes for People with Skin Tumours including Melanoma, February 2006. http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/csg8/evidence/full-guideline-2006-2191950685

To learn more about Radiant Aura, visit www.radiant-therapy.com
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