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Expand your Veterinary Practice with Radiation Therapy


Deliver Effective Radiation Therapy with Value & Ease

Multi-Modality Approach

Radiation after surgery can improve outcomes for cancer treatment.

Cost Effective

Relatively low capital and service expenses compared to linac-based IMRT.

Easy Treatments

Compact and ergonomic systems
simplify treatment workflow.

Treat Arthritis and Ease Pain

Many animals suffer from arthritis and joint pain – in particular, some estimates suggest up to 20% of dogs experience these conditions and a reduced quality of life. Although there are surgical and pharmaceutical options to treat these conditions, experimental studies have shown that radiation can decrease joint inflammation. One study demonstrated that a single low dose of radiation therapy (10 Gray) may have a short-term benefit in dogs with elbow osteoarthritis. This is similar to the evidence supporting the use of radiation therapy in horses with orthopedic disease.

Use Radiation Therapy in Cancer Treatment

For nearly 30 years, veterinary practices have been using radiation as an important modality to treat cancer and reduce symptoms in companion animals. In certain tumors, the goal of using radiation therapy is to eliminate any cancer cells that may remain following surgery. Radiation therapy is typically used in conjunction with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other targeted therapies, for both curative and palliative purposes. Although the standard of care is intensity-modulated radiation therapy delivered with a linear accelerator, these treatments are very expensive. Low-energy orthovoltage treatments offer similar outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

Xstrahl 300 at Eiffelvet in France

Webcast with Dr. Olivier Keravel

Expand Oncology in Your Veterinary Practice with Orthovoltage Radiation Therapy

In this webcast, Dr. Olivier Keravel from Eiffelvet in France described his use of the Xstrahl 300 system in his oncology referral center practice, including the reasons for choosing orthovoltage radiotherapy and the different protocols used in terms of dose and scheduling. Dr. Keravel shares his direct experience and highlight clinical indications treated on an everyday basis at Eiffelvet.


Find out how you can implement cost-effective radiation treatment in your practice quickly and easily.

Additional Publications

See what’s new in clinical practice and research

Additional Publications

Retrospective Study of Orthovoltage Radiation Therapy for Nasal Tumors in 42 Dogs


Additional Publications

Radiation therapy for oral melanoma in dogs: A retrospective study


Additional Publications

Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Tumours in Small Companion Animals


Additional Publications

Kilovoltage radiotherapy for companion animals: dosimetric comparison of 300 kV, 450 kV, and 6 MV X-ray beams


Veterinary Case Study

Treatment of feline fibrosarcoma with wide surgical excision and intraoperative orthovoltage irradiation:
Preliminary results – Presented by Dr. Olivier Keraval, Effelvet, at the Veterinary Cancer Society Meeting in Houston, TX, 2019

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Find out how you can implement cost-effective radiation treatment in your practice quickly and easily.
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