Role of Na+/Ca2+ Exchangers in Therapy Resistance of Medulloblastoma Cells

July 11, 2017

Alterations of cytosolic Ca2+-activity ([Ca2+]i) are decisive in the regulation of tumor cell proliferation, migration and survival. Transport processes participating in the regulation of [Ca2+]i include Ca2+ extrusion through K+-independent (NCX) and/or K+-dependent (NCKX) Na+/Ca2+-exchangers. The present study thus explored whether medulloblastoma cells express Na+/Ca2+-exchangers, whether expression differs between therapy sensitive D283 and therapy resistant UW228-3 medulloblastoma cells, and whether Na+/Ca2+-exchangers participate in the regulation of cell survival.
In therapy sensitive D283 and therapy resistant UW228-3 medulloblastoma cells transcript levels were estimated by RT-PCR, protein abundance by Western blotting, cytosolic Ca2+-activity ([Ca2+]i) from Fura-2-fluorescence, Na+/ Ca2+-exchanger activity from the increase of [Ca2+]i (Δ[Ca2+]i) and from whole cell current (Ica) following abrupt replacement of Na+ containing (130 mM) and Ca2+ free by Na+ free and Ca2+ containing (2 mM) extracellular perfusate as well as cell death from PI -staining and annexin-V binding in flow cytometry.
The transcript levels of NCX3, NCKX2, and NCKX5, protein abundance of NCX3, slope and peak of Δ[Ca2+]i as well as Ica were significantly lower in therapy sensitive D283 than in therapy resistant UW228-3 medulloblastoma cells. The Na+/Ca2+-exchanger inhibitor KB-R7943 (10 µM) significantly blunted Δ[Ca2+]i, and augmented the ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis but did not significantly modify clonogenicity of medulloblastoma cells. Apoptosis was further enhanced by NCX3 silencing.
Na+/Ca2+-exchanger activity significantly counteracts apoptosis but does not significantly affect clonogenicity after radiation of medulloblastoma cells.

Pelzl L, Hosseinzadeh Z, Al-Maghout T, Singh Y, Sahu I, Bissinger R, Schmidt S, Alkahtani S, Stournaras C, Toulany M, Lang F.

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