Radiobiological Studies Using Gamma and X Rays

February 1, 2013

The research relates to possibly replacing 137CsCl irradiators used in radiobiological
research involving cells in culture and small animals with an X-RAD 320 Unit (X-ray source[4])
with energies higher than for a typical X-ray irradiator. The objective of this research was to
demonstrate the feasibility of achieving the same success in radiobiological research using the Xray
source as is achieved with higher energy gamma rays from a 137CsCl source. In addition to this
report, the required deliverables were two peer-reviewed articles, included as Appendices A and
B. It was found that the effectiveness of X rays compared to 137Cs gammas is dependent on cell
type. Maintenance issues became evident, such as the heat load of the X-RAD 320 causing a need
to improve the air conditioning system in the room in which it was installed.

Charles A. Potter, Susan W. Longley, Bobby R. Scott, Yong Lin, Julie A. Wilder, Julie A. Hutt,
Mabel T. Padilla & Katherine M. Gott

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