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AACR Exhibitor Spotlight

Focal radiation enhances anti-tumor activity and immunomodulation of checkpoint blockade in the GL261-luc orthotopic murine glioma model
Thursday, October 21, 2021 – 11:40 am – 12 pm ET

Sheri Barnes, Ph.D., Associate Director, Scientific Development, Labcorp Drug Development

Radiation is widely used in a clinical setting, but it is deployed on a much more limited basis in preclinical research. The tumor response to radiation therapy varies widely across murine-based tumor models. Specifically using the GL261-luc murine glioma model, we demonstrate marked efficacy with combination radiotherapy and checkpoint inhibition as well as changes in the tumor microenvironment suggestive of an activated immune system in response to this treatment. Learn more about how Labcorp leverages Xstrahl’s SARRP equipment to examine the impact of combination radiotherapy on disease progression and immunomodulation in mice.

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