Image-Guided Targeting in Preclinical Studies: Tumors and Normal Tissues

April 25, 2024

While SARRP is often used to investigate the effect of radiation therapy in preclinical oncology settings, it should be noted that the impact of radiation on normal tissues requires understanding and further research to mitigate both early and late effects. The use of radiotherapy in non-cancer related diseases offers a novel treatment path that also deserves further investigation.

Prof. Brian Marples of the University of Rochester, Department of Radiation Oncology describes the range of applications covering the effect of radiation in normal tissue and how this can be assessed and mitigated, as well as the use of radiotherapy in non-cancerous applications, particularly the use of low-dose RT. Examples of the use of SARRP to investigate the effect of radiation therapy on the brain, bladder and lung were presented and alternative uses of radiation therapy in non-cancer related conditions were showcased. Prof. Marples stayed for Q&A following the presentation.

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